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In 1357 AD. His urse Mubarak takes place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the Islamic month shawal every year. His tomb in Sadulapur,which is a little distance from the city of malda in Bengal, is visited by thousands of devotees. Here at Sadulapur there is a Khanqah for Devotees, formed by Shaikh Srajuddin to enable him to spread the light of Islam all around. This task is now being performed by this successors.In last year ,i.e. 2006 the institution of Siraj-ul-mujataba itifa e-quran has ben established here under the Makhdoom Ashraf Mision. Makhdoom Ala-ul-haque Pandavi(RHA). Shaikh galaluddin tabereg to India during the nigh of empire Shamsuddin Al-tamash,the in-law of Qutbuddin Eibak. He arrived in Bengal via Delhi and Badayun and happened to meet king Laxman leave at sarpandava. The king was extremely imposed by the manners and effiquated and the noble chorals as well as the spiritual news , nodulation and miracles of the Shaikh. The Raja presented to the Sheikh abent 10,000 acres of land accuping seur, Pandwaand suneunding aces. He’s holiness, the Shaik constructed a mensal and plus of warship at p andava .their monuments are visited by people from allwalka of life even loding and the user use mubarak of the holy Shaikh is haled at Pandwaevery year on the 21st and 22nd of rajjab-ul-murajja. Shaikh Sirajuddin Usmani(RHA)The share of the secrets of the ultimate, truth Sheikh Sirajuddin Usmani(RHA) was a disciple of the great spiritual leads us like Shaikh Baba Janiududdin chisti(RHA) and Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya(RHA),Sheikh Sirajuddin (RHA) was trained in all spiritual matters by theses two spiritual masters. In a short period of about six months, he completed his educational branches of worldly knowledge prevalent in his times. He thaw, on the advice of his spiritual master, His Holiness, showthe Nizamuddin Auliya, came to Bengal. His fame as a vali or friend of llah spread like wila fire immediately after he entered into the terriority of Bengal. The shah of Bangal took the oath of allegiance on his hands. The lion of Bengal, Shaikh Ala-Ul-Haque Pandavi (RHA) himself visited him and became his disciples and followers. The high of islam spread.


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