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Makhdoom Ashraf Mission

The foundation stone of Makhdoom Ashraf Mission was laid down in the year 1993 with the objective of providing education in the field of Islamic studies. The infrastructure was made available and was functional within a short span of two years and with only some amount of donation. The Mission was a dream of Ashraful-Awlia Sayed Shah Mujtaba Ashraf Ashraf-ul Jilani (RAH) to start the academy where the Islamic culture is nourished, which was the need at that moment of time. The region selected by him to establish this academy was under developed and he found that the mankind is indulged himself or rather diverted himself from the real goals and objectives of being on the earth. With the grace of almighty the ‘Makhdoom Ashraf Mission’ is now slowly and gradually known to most of them in the world. The ‘Makhdoom Ashraf Mission’s’ present infrastructure is sufficient for about 250 students. At present the Mission is headed by Huzur Tajul Awliya Mohammed Jalaluddin Ashraf Ashraf-ul Jilani by the grace of his murshid Ashraful-Awlia Sayed Shah Mujtaba Ashraf Ashrafi-ul Jilani (RAH). Under Makhdoom Ashraf Mission nourishing and providing education on Islamic studies is not the only area but going far ahead the operations of the mission are increasing rapidly. Apart from an academy they have : Al Jametu Jalaliya Al-Alaiya Al-Ashrafiya (Religious education Alim & Fazil) Al-Mujtaba Mobile Hospital Sirajul Mujtaba Hifzul Quran at Khanqah-E-Sirajiya Ashrafiya Sadulapur Ashraful Awliya Computer Center (for technical education) Makdoomul-Alam homoe research and charity hospital at Pandwa, near Astana-E-Aine-hind ( for Hifz & Qirat ) Sadulapur

Al-Mujtaba Mobile Hospital:

This is a mobile hospital which covers the rural and urban areas of Bihar and Bengal. Usually certain medico-legal camps are organized and free eye check-ups and even operations are carried out. The hospital is also associated with the eye specialist and consultant with the advice and consultation of such doctors free medicines are also distributed

Sirajul Mujtaba Hifzul Quran:

This is the unique Hifzul Quran maktab which is at Diyar Aqi Siraj Aina-e-Hind Sadulapur, Malda. The maktab is established at the Khanqah-e-Sirajia Ashrafiya where the teachings are in progress. The establishment of the said maktab was done on 25th Shawwal Al Mukarram 1427 i.e. 18th November 2006 on Saturday at the hands of Huzur Tajul Awliya. Khanqah-e-Sirajiya Ashrafiya is a Sufism & spiritual training center at sadulapur

Ashraful Awlia Computer Center:

With the objective of increasing the computer literacy amongst the students community the Ashraful Awlia Computer Center is established. At this computer center students from all caste and creed, religions are studying. The computer center has recognition from Bengal State Council of Technical Education and also associated with National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL),http://www.urducouncil.nic.in/ at New Delhi. The computer center has various courses right from computer fundamentals to computer programming. The center also offers specialized certificate courses in Desktop Publishing. The center has expert faculty to train the students in a short span of time. The students are prepared in such a way that they are ready to accept the jobs.

Future events of the 'Makhdoom Ashraf Mission:

  • The mission has an objective to expand Ashraf-ul Awlia Technical Institute and open branches of the same in various parts of the country to impart technical education to the students.
  • The mission is planning to start the operations of the Al -Mujtaba Mobile Hospital not only in Bengal but also in other parts of the country.
  • To establish coaching centers for the poor, needy and Intellectual students and prepare them for competitive examination.
  • To establish the extension of the khanqah-e-Ashrafiya and teach the spirituality to the community.
  • To establish the Medical Institute.
  • To establish the research center to promote research activities amongst the aspirants of research.
  • To establish the printing press to print the literature and increase the circulation amongst the community and literate them with the truth and facts.
  • To help and support the social establishment who are working at a small scale.
  • To establish schools and colleges at various parts of the state.
  • To establish the trust to help needy and intellectual people to get employment.

Our History

A scholar of high caliber, Shaikh Noor-ul Haque was the worthy son of shaikh Ala-ul-Haque and a contemporary of Sultan Ibrahim Sharaqui. He was so dear to his noble father that the later allowed only this worthy son to perform the services and rituals of his particular line of faith (tariquat). He became well known as Shaikh Noor Qutub-e-Aalam. The Shaikh died in on 10th Zilquad 818 Hijra. His tomb is in Pandwa, Dist. Malda a centre of attraction for countless devotee

Mehboob-e- Yazdani Sultan Sayyad Ashraf Jehangir Samnani (RHA):

The sayyed was a follower disciple of Shaikh Ala-ul-Haque Pandawi(RHA) renouncing the kingdom of Samnaan in Iran, the noble Sayed presented himself before the holy Shaikh for 12 years he lived with his master and teacher and acquired knowledge from him. He had completed his education in teaching and reciting the holy Quran in seven different Qirats (styles of reciting, the holy quran) at the age of seven. By the time he was 14 years old, he had completed his education both worldy and spiritual. Sultan Ashraf Jehangir (RHA) was a born Vali a friend of Allah. Hundreds and Thousands of people embraced Islam taking oath of allegiance on his holy hands. His prayers to cure people suffering from various mental disorder as well as those disturbed souls who were haunted by evil spirits, were answered instantly and such people went away fully cured. Thousands of such patients crowd his tomb even today. He authored many books on various arts as well as spiritual matters and many scholars and godly men find guidance in them. His uttering has been complied in a book entitled Lataif-e- Ashrafi. The holy Sayed died on 28th Muharram 808 Hijri in the times of Sultan Ibrahim Sharaqui. His tomb is in Kachocha and Urs is held on 27th and 28th of Muharram every year.

Sayedna Abd-ur-Razzaque Noor-ul-Ain (RHA):

While on the world tour with the permission of his master and teacher, Sayyed Ashraf Jehangir Samnaaani (RHA) was received at Hamma (Syria) by Sayyed Abdul Gafoor Hassan Jeelani (RHA) whose spouse was the formers cousin. The host was so pleased at his arrived that he handed his son, Sayedna Abd-ur-Razzaque Noor-ul-Ain (RHA) to Ashraf Jehangir Samnaani (RHA). His holiness, Noor-ul-Ain was just 12 years old at the time and continued to live with him. Hazrat Samnaani for 68 years during which long period he learnt and acquired mastery over all branches of knowledge, both worldly and spiritual prevalent in his times. Thousands of people received spiritual guidance and solace from him. His tomb is at Kachocha Sharif beside the tomb of Sayed Ashraf Jehangir and his still the center of attraction for thousands of devotees